Not all the blends are carried in the stores, please call ahead to find out if the blend you are interested in has it in stock.  Our Warehouse does all blending and carries all the blends for those that wish to place an order for shipping

Aromatic Blends

#107 – A blend of light and dark Cavendish topped with a distinctive nougat flavoring.

14K – A blend of the finest matured golden Virginia tobaccos, enhanced with a subtle aromatic fragrance

#1411 – A custom blend innovated and popularized by former Baltimore tobacconist The Tobacco Pouch. It consists of an Armagnac aromatic with a touch of our Autumn Dusk and a bit of white burley.

#309 – A medium English/Aromatic fusion with a rich aroma and a slow burn, this cool-smoking blend has been has been a customer favorite for generations.

#314 – Rich burley is blended with just the right proportion of wine-cured golden Cavendish then topped with the right amount of St. James Parish Perique. Think ‘3.14’ and you’ll know why our customers call this blend “Sweet as Pie.”

#626 – For the smoker who craves an outspoken aromatic this blend should come as a welcome relief. The finest in a cool, slow burning but highly aromatic tobacco.

#912 – This is a blend with a truly distinctive fragrance.  Cavendish and burley based, it is threaded with long cut Virginia and our own special aromatic variety.  This blend is suited for one seeking the room note and flavor of an aromatic without the dominant sugared casing.

African Queen – Consisting of Smyrna, Mozambique, and Virginia tobaccos. Appealing to smokers of English and domestic styles alike.

Amaretto – With true Amaretto flavor to match its delightful aroma, this blend fills the mouth with pleasure, as does its complementing libation. This mixture of Virginias and Kentucky burley holds its flavor all the way down the bowl.

Banker’s Blend – Composed to occupy the gap between our Point IV and our Black Flake, this blend straddles the line between rich flavor and dry, cool smoking.

Black and Brown – With a velvety base of premium Virginia and Burley grades and the smoothest Black Cavendish, a bowl of this will deliver cool sweetness all day long.

Black Cordial – A more modern take on aromatic blends, this combination of four new and unusual Black fire-cured grades with added highlights of Sweet Virginias is completed with a cordial liquor top flavor.

Black Flake – This is a toned-down take-off on our best seller, Point IV.  Black Flake is a little lighter and a bit less aromatic, but it retains the unique aroma and delightful taste of its sweeter forebear.

Buttered Rum – Expertly blended of Golden Virginia and mellow White Burley. This Cavendish-style blend is topped with a subtle mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rums which produces a bite-free smoke with a popular room note.

Café Royale – An aromatic blend created to mimic the one-two punch of Irish coffee, this blend is a suitable alternative to two fingers in your morning cup.

Cappuccino – A variation of our Coffee blend with the addition of a continental mocha essence. This is a true dessert variety.

Centennial – Created especially to mark our 100th anniversary in 1991, this blend combines the characteristics of our Point IV with both light and dark Cavendish resulting in a fragrance to delight the most jaded of tastes.

Champagne – Classic Danish-style tobacco blended of fine Virginia tobaccos with added Mexican Burley and two cuts of sweet Black Cavendish – a unique masterpiece.

Cherry Berry – Mellow and cool-burning with a superb cherry top flavor.

Cherry Vanilla – Cherry Cavendish is carefully blended with White Burley and Flake Virginia.  The addition of just the right amount of vanilla Cavendish achieves a combination that is hard to beat.

Chesapeake – A rich blend of Dominican cigar leaf, cured with a new process to bring out its full-bodied flavor, accented by a light vanilla aromatic. This is a perfect selection for the smoker who desires to combine the ritual of a pipe with the nutty spice of cigar leaf.

Churchill – Created for the lover of rich vanilla Cavendish blends, comprised of three of our most popular vanilla tobaccos.  Sure to please both the choosiest aromatic smokers and those who gather near them.

Coco Crème – Our highest quality, most expensive premium grades of Black Cavendish and Dark Burley are triple blended and triple flavored with a Cocoa & Vanilla essence. This process produces the smoothest, mildest, and tastiest dessert smoke one can experience.

Colonel’s Choice – Blended for to be a toned-down variety of our very popular Phil’s Blend.  It smokes more coolly yet retains just the right mild sweetness of Phil’s.

Danish Cavendish – Thoroughly uniform in cut and always consistent in flavor, this Cavendish blend presents a prominent flavor with a mild strength. Perfect to smoke all day long.

Euphoria – Our answer for those who liked and missed the original Amphora Rich Aroma, this is a burley and Virginia blend with a vanilla overtone that leaves the smoker with a rich fruity note on the finish.

Heaven’s Scent – This old time favorite has finally made its way back to the Shelf!  This new blend mixed from various favorites at Fader’s combines a sweet, smooth smoke perfect for the early morning or late into the evening.

Irish Pub – Only the finest natural light Cavendish perfectly flavored with a secret formula.  The recipe is ours to keep, but the flavor is yours to enjoy any time.

Kentucky Blue – Kentucky grown Burley is considered to be among the finest in the world, and we’re proud to say it’s the primary ingredient in this blend. We have added only 14% of our Black Cavendish to lend the necessary mildness and sweet aroma.

Kröne – A balanced mixture of light and dark Cavendish perfectly flavored with a secret formula. This is another house secret, but it never fails to fly off the shelves.

Lanyard – Rich Kentucky burley is aged to its limit – not sweetened, resulting in a mild, cool smoking and even burning tobacco.  Stick your nose in the jar and try to tell us it isn’t the most pleasantly fragrant blend in the shop!

Manhattan – An elegant of rich V.S.O.P. tobacco and a premium Cavendish aged with Kentucky bourbon and topped off with subtle hint of French berries.  This is a soft smoke with a delightful aroma.

Mt. Vernon – A balanced blend of light and dark Cavendish tobaccos topped with a rich raspberry liquor – highly aromatic.

Nova – This one is great for the beginner or the all-day smoker. The fragrance of raspberry liquor embraces a well-rounded blend of flavorful light and dark Cavendish. It’s mild and mellow to the taste.

Phil’s Blend – Two of our best Cavendish varieties, whiskey and vanilla are perfectly blended to complement each other’s flavor.

Pirate’s Rum – Our answer for those who desire a golden Virginia ribbon cut blend highlighted with a contrasting fire-cured black Cavendish of premium quality. A light rum top flavor will have you dreaming of Jamaica.

Point IV – Our most popular full, dark Cavendish enjoys year ‘round acceptance with those who smoke it and those who love its special aroma.

Regency – A delightful mixture of the world’s finest tobaccos and champagne, aged for mellow taste and flavor. It is pleasing to the palate with an outstanding aroma.

Sangria – As sweet and flavorful as its namesake, Rich Cavendish is the base, with just the right amount of wild fruit flavorings. Sweet but cool burning, it’s an ideal change of pace for the aromatic tobacco fan.

Skipjack – Famous Green River burley from Kentucky cured with a new process to bring out its full-bodied flavor and aroma.

Swiss Chocolate – We experimented for a long time to find the right chocolate.  An aroma and flavor so rich you’ll think you’re sipping cocoa.

Unique – Long-time customers will recall the sultry aroma of Unique wafting from the pipes of none other than former owner Bill Fader himself. Light golden Cavendish is skillfully blended with our own black vanilla Cavendish.  The flavor and aroma are confounding to place: some call it coconut, some say chocolate, but you’ll call it great.

Vanilla Maple – One of our favorites dessert blends. Beautiful bright Virginia grades melded with our Natural Cavendish and Dark Sun cured tobaccos from Brazil. The mild and sweet vanilla maple aroma in combination with top grades delivers an outstanding tobacco blend.

V.S.O.P. – This is a combination of our special black and golden Virginia leaf flavored with genuine Scotch whiskey. It is rich enough in flavor to be a superb evening smoke for people who normally prefer light mixtures such as some of our other blends like Unique and our Danish Cavendish, Still, many of our smokers have found that it has the sweetness to be an all day smoke.

Non-Aromatic Blends

#35 – Here is a traditional burley blend consisting of four different burleys in equal proportion.  It is ideal for the smoker who favors “old world” burleys.

#44 – Cube-cut Kentucky burley and medium-cut Tennessee burleys are but two of six distinctive tobaccos used to create this blend.  Included is black Cavendish, adding a pleasant and natural flavor and aroma, which is popular with smokers who never tire of that “true tobacco taste.”

Dutch Cavendish – A light, loose, ready-rubbed Cavendish blend consisting of high-quality mild flue-cured Virginias with some light Burleys. The natural tobacco flavor of this blend evokes a faint sweet aroma while remaining very mild to the taste.

E.B. – For “Easy Burning” and overall smoking enjoyment, this tobacco can’t be beat.  Cube cut burley is added for coolness with Perique and black Cavendish for extra zest.

Hopkins – Made from rich orange and Red Virginias, this blend provides you with a slightly sweet and zesty smoke.  Perfect for the smoker who prefers a light-bodied, naturally sweet matured Virginia with a yeasty, spicy flavor.

Luxury Bulls Eye Flake – In the form of a “spun disk” comprised of a blend of ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Louisiana Perique. A center medallion of Black Cavendish helps to smooth out the taste. This is an excellent choice for the matured Virginia smoker.

Luxury Navy Flake – Very mature old belt flue-cured Virginias spiced with Louisiana Perique. It is non-aromatic with a mild-to-medium strength.

Luxury Twist Flake – A pure Virginia blend from the fields of Zimbabwe and the southeastern United States.  This flake is presented as a rolled twist which is then pressed and cut with a light aromatic essence and a medium body.

O.S.S. – We created our “Over-Seas Special” blend for our many friends who were “over there” during WWII.  The always-popular flavors of the three burleys with a touch of flake Virginia add up to a cool and mild smoke.

Red Cake – An extremely high-grade English style red Virginia, sweet, exceptionally soft and medium bodied.  An excellent stand-alone smoke for those who truly savor the natural sweetness and zest of matured Virginia.

St. Johns – This tobacco begins as a very light blend of eastern belt lemon leaf and cutter grade tobaccos which are transformed through pressure, aging and a light stoving into a beautifully dark, pungent cake.  It is sweet and rich without being as strong and stout as dark flakes have traditionally been.

Woodsman – Best described as an Oriental Cavendish, this mixture contains no Latakia but retains a round, rich flavor due to the Orientals and a special Virginia Cavendish combined with Black Cavendish to make a blend which satisfies smokers of many tastes.

English Blends

#10 – We took the finest burley and ribbon-cut Cavendish as a base, added just the right amount of Latakia and Perique for flavor, and came up with something really special.  It is a medium, strictly non-aromatic blend.

#325 – Latakia lovers, take note!  Here is a long-cut Virginia-based mixture with more than its share of Latakia added.  Touched with Perique, the result is a velvety smooth, completely satisfying blend.

#52 – In this outstanding pipe mixture we have modified the proportions of non-aromatic #325 and added the unique fragrance of a delightful Irish blending tobacco.

Balkan Blend – We took the Standard English blend and smoothed it out.  To the Latakia, Perique and Turkish tobaccos we added a generous portion of mild Cavendish.  This mixture is perfectly balanced.

Balkan Sasieni (bulk) – The most Latakia of any blend we make combined with old belt Virginias and Orientals for a classically leathery, spicy aroma and taste.

Barking Dog – This barking dog never bites! Here we have an American classic in the English Vein. Smooth, toasted Burley cubes are blended with premium grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake. We have cased this mixture with a uniquely mild rum top dressing which lends a pleasant room note to this otherwise natural blend.

Barrister – We’ve improved the traditional English blend! You’ll still get the natural “woodsy” taste of Latakia, but not its unpopular aroma thanks to just a touch of the perfect aromatic flavoring. This is a perfect fusion blend or the smoker on the fence between aromatic and non-aromatic blends.

Calvert – An old-world Fader’s blend with three different varieties and cuts of burley and a touch of flake Virginia and Cyprian Latakia. For the burley smoker who craves the essence of Latakia in their pipe.

Country Gentleman – A soft, sweet mixture rich in Orientals, Carolina tobaccos, and a bit less Latakia than our Higgins Choice. This is a fine medium smoke.

Coyote – A rich, full Oriental mixture created to satisfy American tastes. It is stout with lots of smoked Latakia and fragrant Turkish along with just enough naturally sweet matured Virginia for balance.

Istanbul – This true Balkan mixture has become one of our best-selling blends.  Beautiful vintage lemon Virginia is combined with Latakia and Turkish strains such as Smyrna, Kavalla, Dubec, and Xanthi. Many of our employees have been known to smoke this favored bulk variety all day long.

Joust – Rich with Latakia, this blend is spiced with the finest Oriental leaf and mellowed with dark stoved Virginia and aged into a deeply satisfying blend of the world’s most exotic tobaccos.

King Eider – A medium bodied blend of Bright and Red Virginia’s, mixed with the finest Orientals and Cyprian Latakia, and just the right amount of unflavored Black Cavendish with a touch of Perique to round out the smooth taste. Created by our very own Jeff Goldman for your smoking pleasures.

Maharajah – Strictly English in character, this is a perfect mixture of the choicest Oriental and Turkish tobaccos, skillfully proportioned with the finest Virginia and Latakia.

Oxford – This black and gold blend brings you the pungent richness of Cyprian Latakia in a web of bright lemon ribbon-cut flue-cured Virginia, topped off with a smooth touch of St. James Parish Perique.

“Esoterica” Penzance (bulk) – An outstanding crosscut English flake.  The finest Virginias, Turkish, Orientals and Latakia are hand-blended, hard-pressed, and broad cut into thick flakes.  This wonderfully complex, secret recipe is made in the Channel Islands. It is extra long matured and easily crumbled to facilitate pipe filling. Known in Britain as “Krumble Kake,” this creamy-textured variety is available by the ounce and in half pound sealed packages.

Porter – This unusual mélange is English in character with the addition of our best-selling rich dark vanilla Cavendish.  Loaded with Latakia and Perique it is sure to please those who enjoy a sweet, smoky blend.

Renaissance – Custom blended over 25 years ago, this true Balkan mixture exhibits copious amounts of Cyprian Latakia, Turkish varieties, and Orientals providing a powerful but smooth smoke.

Rob Ross – Our number one grade Balkan dark with Cyprian Latakia and black Virginia, deeply seasoned with Orientals.  A classic full-mixture.

Turkish Knights – Along the same lines as our Renaissance with less Latakia and more of the Turkish and Oriental added giving the mixture a bit less Latakia smokiness and more of the sweetness from the Turkish and Orientals.

Note:  Along with this listing of blends, please be advised that we have even more and also offer custom blending to modify an existing blend, or create one for your personal taste.


Since 1891 Fader’s blends have assured complete enjoyment to smokers across the U.S. as well as those living in foreign countries.  We ship anywhere!


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